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Architect Benedict W.

Hi guys,

probably its just me but am not amused with the new changes in exterior: Artificial lighting cloud rendering! I liked the older version for my night renders because of its lighting, is there a choice that one can use either engines or we have a one size fits all kinda situation. I have attached my night renders a before and after, kindly help.

Xiaoqing Zhuang

hi Architect Benedict W.
Thank you very much for reporting this. We would like to improve this.
Do you mind us to contact you for the detail? Please contact me(support.autodesk360.rendering@autodesk.com) freely.


Apesar da descrição de melhorias na renderização do Revit cloud ... Eu prefiro a antiga ! A iluminação e os.materiais aplicados nas minha modelagens estão estranhas e bem desagradáveiscom está nova atualização. E eu estou trabalhando em uma semana imagens desde o mês novembro . Esta atualização deveria ser opcional ...está me trazendo sério problemas.

Sally Dong

Hi @Lais,

Thanks for your feedback. We would like to ask for more information about the problem you mentioned to check whether there is anything we can improve it in the new engine. Please send email to support.autodesk360.rendering@autodesk.com about the problem. We will check it firstly.

Ryan Hoffman

You guys still haven't figured out how to let people know before you are going to change stuff and what is changing/heads up and incremental changes - not one large update that changes everyone's products. You need to get this figured out before you spend time making changes to the product in the future. Heres a tip: There needs to be a way to use the old product in place at all times- this is being used for businesses not some fun after hours hobby time.

Daniela Teixeira

This is a very shameful update you did on render service. All the setting for render I had, including custom material library in several revit models looks different and awful. I had some great images before the update and now it looks very low level of work, even if I set render to be large and final config.
I am moving to another software, if its to spend money on licences, it must be well spent with something productive. Other platform will put this works on ground, sorry to say.


@Lais @Ryan_Hoffman @Daniela_Teixeira The renderings look different, we know. As I mentioned previously, we switched from an old troubled rendering engine to a new path-tracer, in line with the technology used by modern rendering engines. Some adjustments will be necessary. A short period of pain for a longer term gain. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep the legacy engine because of the significant service restructuring that we had to make.
While we tried to keep the old materials to look as close as possible to the legacy engine, there were unrealistic and downright wrong settings that we had to abandon or tweak. Many users adjusted their scenes for the legacy engine output will and need to adjust them or replace materials.
While certain images in the legacy engine might have looked good, the result was often due to tricks and special cases handling that were there just to avoid bad results.
In side by side testings the new engine gives much better results on average even with old materials. In some cases, when the input material does not have realistic settings, the new engine might render differently. Those materials will have to be tweaked.
We are also aware of some current limitations and issues with the new engine and we will be releasing updates frequently.


This is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larissa De Sousa Correia

Very happy about it!
Congratulations and thank you all so much!


Good Jobs!!

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