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Brilliant - this is progress! Thank you!


This is great! Looking forward to test it out.

Angie Mauricio



Great! Can´t wait to try it.


This is great,
I wonder what type of rendering engine produces this new renderings. Mental Ray or V-ray?
Autodesk you are awesome!


hola tengo una duda cuando inteto renderizar en la nube no me lo permite


great news!!!


I have been waiting for one render for 30 minutes and the quality was very poor. Previously, it took me 15 minutes and the rendering was good. Are the changes still being improved


I tried rendering in HQ today and the quality is bad. The previous version of cloud rendering was much better.


great improvements!

Xiaoqing Zhuang

There is some provisioning issue that causes the long queue time. We are working on the fixing. For the bad quality, could we work with you to take look? The advanced exposure has been changed that may cause some badness.
My email is [email protected]. Feel free to contact me for the issue.

Ryan Hughes

Thought I was losing my mind when re-rendering views I did on 12/7 again today (12/10). The lighting color is way off--super green/blue for views that were coming out a pleasing warmish yellow before. The control seem more limited, and as others have noted, the time to render has increased dramatically. The improvements described above all sound good, but at least at first blush, the added time and way-off colorization aren't thrilling to me (and having to click through to "custom" to access some of the control sliders is not intuitive). Hoping some of these issues get addressed.

Ryan Hughes

Old Cloud Rendering: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GTRT--0-vOVfTwWjOydWXS63jCILuvJe

New Cloud Rendering (w/ ghastly color): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eIODj3_SJbzilQHP7BZkmmqx8auaPP48

Xiaoqing Zhuang

Hi Ryan, thanks a lot for feedback on the new rendering service and sharing the images.
Regarding to lighting color difference, it is due to the change of the glazing implementation. The old cloud renderer was allowing non-physical settings. The new one will not support certain settings that result in non physically based material behaviors. The old Glazing materials will frequently render differently, especially if Tint is used. If they have Revit 2019 it would be better to switch to the new Glazing materials which will allow some degree of freedom from physic correctness, but still render predictably. Feel free to contact me directly if you need help to improve it.
Regarding to the rendering time, we have a bug in the our provisioning system. We are working on fixing. Once it is fixed, it should be faster than old cloud rendering service.


I am so so disappointed of the changes. Colors, quality, waiting time. Can't believe the rendering I did few days ago looks much better than the ones after changes. It is so dissapointing. It completly lost it purpose. I am not going to spend anymore on such a quality.

I wish we could go back... very much


Onde clico pra voltar ao que era antes? A renderização está horrível.


ever since the update the links for the pano views no longer work just a grey screen.

why is this ?


The panorama link isn’t working on all the phones ?


The render quality after the update is awful. Now my renders have a leopard-like skin texture and a grainy texture. I'm rendering with Final Quality and Large image size. Here is a sample of what my render looks like on Dec/7 compared to Dec/11:


Ryan Hughes

Hi Xiaoqing,

Thanks for the responses. Glad to know the rendering-time issue will be fixed. You confirmed my suspicions RE the glass causing the harsh blue-green tint. I am in Revit 2018, and don't have access to 2019. I can try to mess with the default Revit 2018 "Glass" material properties to address my issues, but would certainly welcome any feedback/ input as to how to go about fixing this in Revit 2018.

On a positive note, I do notice a number of the improvements listed above when comparing the rendering from this week to last week, so it seems you're on the right track.



Xiaoqing Zhuang

Hi G, Fernando, Lina, Martin, apologize for all inconvenience with new release. The long queue time has been solved already. We are happy to work with you to solve your issues. Could you provide your contact to me ([email protected]) so that we can work with you to fix the issue and improve the situation.
Hi Ryan, thanks for the feedback. We will take look at the the default Revit 2018 "Glass" material properties to check the fixing. We will continue to improve this. Feel free to let us know if something is not right and inconvenient.


The rendering quality of glass has seriously decreased. I was very satisfied with the quality prior to the update. Now everytime I render glass, no matter how much I change the properties it doesn't even resemble glass, just noise and a dull color.

Tripti Prasad

Hello. I am in the end stages of a rendering that we have been producing for a couple of weeks now and we need it to be ready to show to our investor. I just needed to make a couple of minor changes today and when I went to render, I realized that everything has changed. Although I look forward to working with the new positive features of the new system, I need access to the old system so I can finish the current rendering I am working on. We do not have the time to readjust all the materials to look back how they used to look in the old system. Please let me know if you are able to help.


@Fernando The pattern is a result of the old materials having odd hardcoded patterns that are not playing well with the new renderer (they were created for the long dead mental ray). The issue is the material, not the renderer, and we will take a look and see if it's possible to minimize them. In the meantime, if you are using Revit 2019 switch to the new materials, or convert to Generic if you are on older Revit versions.


@Jennifer The old glass materials might have been looking nice, but they were completely wrong and unrealistic. Switch to the new glass or glazing materials if you are on Revit 2019, or to the solid glass if you are not. The noise issue is a known issue and we are going to address it.

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