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Chico Membreno

1. In the info section of a rendinring, it would be nice to report the date rendered with a date/time, rather than "x amount of time ago."
2. Multiple selection and/or select entire project would be nice - particularly for deletion or download.
3. Downloaded file naming convention is still not great. When you download all renderings from a project, it's hard to find what your looking for when multiple versions of the same view, as well as similar views.
4. We seem to have lost the ability to download all views from the project.


if you cant download a VR render, what are the steps to trouble shoot please?


@Chico - Thanks for the input, good suggestions. Download all is now located in the top bar, near the project name.

@Sam - There seemed to be glitch for sometime. Please try now, you should be able to download. It's slow though and we will be fixing that.
Connect here with questions - [email protected]

Jesse Jackson

The older cloud rendering seemed to be MUCH faster. What used to take ~3min is now taking over 20 minutes so far and it's still not finished.


@Jesse - We have changed the front UI design, but the underlying system that manages Cloud renderings is still the same. For your specific problem, you can send us details on the forums or via support email and we'll be able to help you. Thanks!

Sam Lang

I love the new interface it's so much easier to access all renderings and see everything clearly, thanks.


Unity inerface for the different Autodesk online product ---> Smart and beautiful, as usual.

Ruan Erasmus

I think the site is looking great but Please look at smartphone accessibly and function , maybe an app?

Luke Fallowfield

Is it possible to have a "Download All" button - I want to download all the pano files for external processing and have to select and download individually.


The old version was much more streamlined. Everything here is too big and takes up too much space on the computer making it very difficult to find what I want. It is also slower than the old version.

William Fong

Looks like the "Preview on Phone" functionality is yet to be added. I like Ruan's idea of an integrated app too. Maybe even a function to "jump" between rendered 360 views within the same model?


well how we can use vr in android by new interface?


@William Fong - "Preview on phone" has been changed to "Share via link" and can be accessed through the menu on top-right.

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