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THANK YOU SO MUCH! been waiting for this :)

Frank Hull


Can you be a little more specific about which folder named "media" I should use. I have several - some named "media" some named "Media". I've extracted the folder and placed copies in all folders named (M)media and none of them seem to work. I've left both the image and the .json files within the extracted folder. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance.


Lynda Bramlett

Yes, I need more direction as well, my stereo panorama is not displaying correctly in the Occulus app, but is in Google cardboard. And I don't know which folder to put the files in on my Samsung Note 7.

Lynda Bramlett

I found this solution posted by Adam Hamilton a few weeks ago and got it to work...

To View on Samsung Gear VR

Insert Samsung Phone into Gear VR for initial prompt to install Oculus and Gear VR toolsets

Within the Gear VR environment proceed to Oculus Store and Download ORBX Media Player (formerly OTOY) *FREE

Remove phone from Gear VR and Plug in USB to Computer (may need to set USB settings to file transfer on phone)

From Render Gallery "Download to Gear VR" stereo panoramas and extract to accessible location > Copy the PNG and JSON file to the \ORBX\Media folder on your Samsung Phone

Re-insert phone to Gear VR > Open ORBX App > navigate to your newly added file and enjoy

Frank Hull

Thanks for taking the time to share the solution Lynda. I was aware of the OTOY Company and the player, but not of the name change to ORBX. That was a BIG help in finding the right app (and therefore the folder too).



Steveh Harris

So, I tried this and left and right image don't sync in my gear vr. There is a partial image on each eye with black space occupying the other half. There are portions of the image that sync where everything is fine, but the other parts don't work with only one of my eyes getting the image. Any ideas on why this is?



Christina Holden

If we want to stitch in a background image do we still need to go about it the old way + ImageMagik?



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