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Now we just need the ability to download a equirectangular image file that we can open directly with our Google Cardboard app.


Does it work at all with Google Cardboard in it's current format?

Adelino Fontana

Hello good afternoon
when I view my renders in my phone gives problem.
The images are divided into boxes, as viewed in a cube.


We're also experiencing issues with some phones that were previously showing the renderings correctly.

Now they're showing a grey cube.


Too bad we can't change the environment directly out of Revit.
Also, is it very difficult to add exposure control to a completed panorama? This would be very useful!

parthesh soni

how can we view this pano on android phone? does it work on chrome/ firfox on andriod?

Patrick Olstad

I would like to see an ability to define the point of view other than placing a camera in the project. It would be great to leverage this tool to assist with family design and quality assurance.

Similar behavior to the google cardboard Exhibit example where you can rotate around the object.


Here are the FAQs that can answer most questions - http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/a360-rendering-general/faqs-stereo-panorama/td-p/5511895

For phone issues, install the update. Also make sure you have the latest version of the browser.

For specific issues you can contact support.autodesk360.rendering@autodesk.com

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