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The Rift does not work. The readme on the stereo download has no instruction.


For stereo panoramas to work with Rift, you need a browser which has webVR enabled. We will post detailed instructions on this in a day or two.


offline viewing in chrome isnt working for me, i just get a grey screen

Oscar Gutierrez

Please i need see panorama's , i only see grey screen


@Mark - Here are the instructions for making this work using Rift.


For grey screen issue -
1. Make sure you add ?mono=image, at the end of your URL
2. If you have Firefox browser. It works.
3. Chrome (and probably Edge too) has added a security feature and prevents users from opening a local offline URL. If using Chrome, Close all tabs and exit Chrome. Use this command, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --allow-file-access-from-files

Jarod Schultz

When are we going to get a "viewer" for the phone so we can jump from one image to another using the button on Google Cardboard device? This way a client can feel like they are walking through the building going from one scene to another...


Can you please explain in detail how to view stereo panoramas on a mobile device via Google Cardboard on iOS and Android...


Is there a way to download the panoramas in the old format that was a single html file? It was nice to be able to just send the html file to clients and let them open them in their browser and view them offline. This is no longer possible with the new stereo format, that is now the only format I can download even if they weren't rendered as stereo, and even if they were rendered before the change.


Just an example of how an easily accessible product gets screwed up. The team at autodesk360 might be bored...


+ the sacrifice of efficiency in the name of pointless features

Dan Billings

Is anyone using EightOnes V2 cardboard viewer successfully? I am not getting a good 3D view. Images are out of focus/double vision issues.


I'm even having trouble with original Cardboard and Nexus 5 combo.

Guy Messick

I'm sorry, whomever thought this new process was a good idea was mistaken. We have gone from presenting great 360 panoramas in GearVR headsets, or emailing clients html panoramas to....nothing. Writing a script for GearVR??? You say you spoke to customers, well, look at all the negative comments here.

Douglas Draeger

I Converted a previous panorama to stereo since downloading previously rendered panos no longer works. The converted stereo pano has is extremely grainy and looks really bad. Is there a fix for this?


unfortunately i have to agree with these postings before.
Until this update we had great panos with cardboard and a htc one.
Now everything is deformed.
I hope autodesk can fix this soon


@Addison - Here are the steps for rendering stereo panoramas and getting on your mobile device, http://docs.autodesk.com/ADSK360/help/ENU/rendering/index.html#!/url=./files/GUID-04ABDDCA-4F5D-4EB7-B360-2A164C221A68.htm

and here are FAQs, http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/a360-rendering-general/faqs-stereo-panorama/td-p/5511895


Regarding downloading panoramas, you can now download as a zip file which contains the images and pano.html. This is html file that you can using for offline viewing.


@Douglas - Previously and new panoramas (not stereo) can be downloaded as zip files and you should be able to open the .html file
If your stereo pano is looking grainy, you must have rendered it in standard quality at a lower resolution.


we tested some other views with the new stereo panorama.
And with the cardboard and the htc one or an sony xperia the problem stays the same.

If you turn your head the vertical lines seems to fall sideways. You feel as drunk when looking in the cardboard.

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