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Robin Mercier Kuc

Regarding #7 above on custom textures, I have found that in the past, you needed to add your image (jpg,png,etc.) to your Autodesk "mats" file or you will get a warning that the image is missing when you upload to the Cloud.
File path=Program Files (x86)-->Common Files-->AdskShared-->Materials-->Textures-->1,2,3-->Mats

Is this still the case?


Robin - You don't have to add your image to the "mats" folder. The easiest way is to duplicate and existing material and then add your own images for color, bump, reflection, glossiness, etc.


Here is post that might be useful - http://autodesk360rendering.typepad.com/blog/2015/03/rendering-pro-spotlight-andr%C3%A9-akset%C3%B8y.html

Robin Mercier Kuc

Hi Aradhana,
Actually, I neglected to explain that this only happened to me a few times over the course of years and I don't add the images to mats all the time. I still don't know why it happened, so that was my solution. (Glitches?) But thanks for the info!


How can i disable the a360

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