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Colin Holloway

Using the method for the Gear VR above results in the panorama being mirrored. Here is the script needed to create the file so it views correctly.

convert -crop 1536x1536 imageL.jpg L.png
convert -crop 1536x1536 imageR.jpg R.png
convert -flop R-0.png R-0.png
convert -flop R-1.png R-1.png
convert -flop R-2.png R-2.png
convert -flop R-3.png R-3.png
convert -flop R-4.png R-4.png
convert -rotate 180 R-4.png R-4.png
convert -flop R-5.png R-5.png
convert -rotate 180 R-5.png R-5.png
convert -flop L-0.png L-0.png
convert -flop L-1.png L-1.png
convert -flop L-2.png L-2.png
convert -flop L-3.png L-3.png
convert -flop L-4.png L-4.png
convert -rotate 180 L-4.png L-4.png
convert -flop L-5.png L-5.png
convert -rotate 180 L-5.png L-5.png
convert L-2.png L-0.png L-5.png L-4.png L-3.png L-1.png R-2.png R-0.png R-5.png R-4.png R-3.png R-1.png +append "result.png"
echo ‘{ "title": “result.png”, "author": “anon”}’ > result.json

Enjoy :-)
Colin Holloway
Sedgman Limited


when using the script, i get an error message stating "Invalid Parameter - 1536x1536" which stops the process, help!


Figured it out, I neglected to install the "convert" function with the ImageMagick application.

Followed remaining instructions, got the files converted and transferred to the phone but doesn't play in the otoy media player. I do not see them available to open within the player. The files were placed in the Media folder as instructed.

Any process updates I need to be aware of?

Colin Holloway

Hi Patrick,

You need to copy the PNG and JSON files into the \Phone\ORBX\Media folder for the application to see the generated panorama.


Where do you find the option to install the "convert" funciton?


For GearVR, you no longer need to process the images using ImageMagick and run scripts. We added functionality to Download Stereo Pano for GearVR.
Link - http://autodesk360rendering.typepad.com/blog/2016/07/download-stereo-panorama-for-gearvr.html

Jon Snow

The tutorial is not very helpful. There are steps missing and the informations considering the script given on the website are faulty.

First of all, your original stereoscopic picture needs to be 9216x3072px. Then you split the picture horizontally in half, you will get L and R, L being the upper part. Each one is 9216x1536px. If you get this right, the script will generate R-0 to R-5 and L-0 to L-5.
Also, there is an error in the following line:
convert R-2.png R-0.png R-5.png R-4.png R-1.png R-3.png L-2.png L-0.png L-5.png L-4.png L-1.png L-3.png append result.png

convert R-2.png R-0.png R-5.png R-4.png R-1.png R-3.png L-2.png L-0.png L-5.png L-4.png L-1.png L-3.png +append result.png

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